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Notre Dame Shocks Nation, Wins Game

Notre Dame Beats Duke Charlie Weis' Job
Mitchell Blatt

Charlie Weis To Keep Job!

Chaos erupted in Jesus Stadium (officially known as Notre Dame Stadium) as time expired in Notre Dame’s upset of Duke last Saturday. Duke came in riding high with their 1-9 record. Duke had only beaten two Bowl Subdivision teams since 2004, but they were still confident they could handle Notre Dame.

Duke saftey Chris Davis was ecstatic going in. He was excited to play on national TV: “It’s definitely going to be something new for us.” Also new for Duke that game: having a chance to win.

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Duke made some early mistakes, though. They missed a 42-yard field goal. (Notre Dame missed from 31 yards.) In the final minutes, Duke fumbled twice, both fumbles accounting for Notre Dame scores.

Duke’s early struggles continued into the second half. It wasn’t until with just over a minute left that their early struggles stopped with a Duke score. Changing quarterbacks from Thaddeus Lewis to Zack Asack made the difference.

With Asack in, Duke put together a methodical 49-yard touchdown drive, capped off by a 6-yard Zack Asack touchdown run.

Notre Dame Beats Duke Casey Claussen Celebrates
With the win, Weis had dispelled most of the criticism about his subpar record, but there are still some questioning his decision to put seniors in late for their last home game of their careers. If Notre Dame kept their starters in, they might have kept the shutout, some say.

Weis defended his position by saying, “You don’t want to give up a shutout, but I’d rather get those kids in the game than worry about a shutout.”

That, boosters say, is precisely the mantra that a successful coach can not have. JSB analysts shrugged off questions about the coach by saying, “Who cares? It’s Notre Dame.”

Despite the defense struggles–allowing Duke to score even once is definite cause for alarm–Notre Dame’s offense was stellar. Going into the game, Notre Dame was averaging 57 yards rushing per game, second worst in the nation. Against Duke, they ran for 220.

With the win, Weis says Notre Dame has the momentum they need to compete next year:
“You’re sitting there talking about how hard you’re going to work in the offseason and all the promise and all the young guys you’ve played. But still, if they don’t have a taste of something good happening, it isn’t like you can’t fix it or you can’t start to repair it,” he said. “But at the same time, psychologically, it’s always a significant thing when you’re on the uptick rather than, ‘Can we do this?”‘

Certainly a win over Duke proves they can do this.

Ohio State En Route to National Title

Oklahoma and Oregon’s losses move Ohio State to #5 in the BCS rankings. To move to the top two, Ohio State merely needs Oklahoma to win the Big 12 Championship and have either LSU or West Virginia lose. LSU faces Georgia in the SEC Championship, and West Virginia faces #24 Connecticut.

If the Big 12 North champ (either Kansas or Mizzou) wins the Big 12, Ohio State could also make it with LSU and West Virginia losing, but it would be interesting to see if a 1-loss Kansas would fall all the way below a 1-loss OSU. Since Kansas will not be the Big 12 champ if they lose (and OSU will be the Big 10 champ), I think it will be OSU. OSU also faced a toughed schedule.

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