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Some Giants Player Made Comments About Some Patriots Player!!!

Osi Umenyiora opens his mouth, the Media opens their mouths…


Big news, guys! Osi Umenyiora said the Patriots play dirty. Stop complaining, Osi, the Patriots don’t play dirty very often. Only on Sundays.

Regardless of the accuracy of his comments, the big question is, eleven days before the Super Bowl, how will this comment affect the outcome of the Super Bowl? After all, we all know that bulletin-board comments are what determine the outcome of sporting events, not skill level and chemistry of the teams.

The Patriots only went undefeated because of bulletin-board material. As the great journalists on Around the Horn mentioned today, teams have been trashing the Patriots all season, and they keep on winning. Their whole undefeated season was started when people called them cheaters for spying then they were rejuvinated throughout the season with comments on how they interfered with QB signals, ran up the score, and made cheap shots.

Jay Marrioti said it best when he said, “How can this help the Giants… It hasn’t helped anyone else…”

We remember how the Red Sox won the ALCS by manufacturing a fake bulletin-board quote by the Indians.

So, it’s been proven that bulletin-board quotes can affect the outcome of the games in sports, but what about in blogging? Will the escalating feud between Stephen A Smith and every real sports blogger give Smith added fire in his quest to be THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH?

Smith trashed bloggers last month for having no training, no credibility, and no morals. Further, he said that bloggers shouldn’t have the right to disseminate information to the masses.

Bloggers shot back harshly. My favorite comments came from Love Without Nagel who compared Stephen A talking politics to John McCain talking about rap. Further, they said that Screamin A’s rants disrespect journalism.

There was much debate over how that bulletin-board material would impact Stephen A. As it turns out, it has caused him to launch his own blog: Stephen A’s Blog

The one good thing about his blog is that it isn’t very loud.

Well, his blog got trashed with bulletin-board comments shortly after sports bloggers found out about it:

CHEESE DOODLE has this to say:


Here are more comments:

Remember that time you said the Chargers should kick a field goal on third down because if you miss, you can just kick it again on fourth down?

That was awesome. I hope this blog is that awesome too.

I hate you. I mean it…I really, rwally hate you. I hate you more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life. If I was forced to choose between saving your life and the life of Osama Bin Laden, I’d choose Bin Laden. And then take him out drinking to celebrate your death.

So what I’m really trying to say is your an ass and I along with the rest of the world hate you. I hope you get trampled to death by a herd of rampaging rhinos…because I hate you.


Your radio show is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. It seriously makes me want to die.

What are the chances of Harrold Reynolds taking it over once you get fired?

Stephen, please stop screaming.

- Helen Keller

I love this blog, or should I say, I love everybody ripping you to shreds for everything you have said and everything that you haven’t written about in 3 weeks…

Through 181 comments, the only positive feedback came from fellow asshole-turned-ESPN talker, Jay Mariotti, who said,

Welcome to the world of online blogs, my good friend!

I know it’s Mariotti because 1.) his comment didn’t completely trash Smith, 2.) no one else would call Smith a friend, and 3.) (and most important) Mariotti linked to his online column page, a page that I’m sure his editors probably don’t even link to.

Needless to say, the bulletin-board material contained in most of those comments will certainly give Smtih fire to take down the blogosphere. I fear that sports bloggers have unfortunately paved the road to their own demise by insulting Stephen A…

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