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Super Bowl Parties You Aren’t Invited To


Tom Brady was given a marriage proposal yesterday during media day.

In other news…

Darren Heitner of Sports Agent Blog gave me an update on all the fabulous parties coming up this week.

The most expensive are the Playboy and Maxim Parties, both over $2,000 per person.

Others of interest: The Penthouse Desire Party is being hosted by Snoop Dogg. There are only 1,000 tickets, so buy yours now! (They paid me to do that.) They cost $1,250 each.

Larry Johnson and Warren Sapp are hosting the Friday Night Lights party. I don’t know about NFL players hosting parties, but this is something Browns players could make a ton of money in. (Warren Sapp insists there won’t be any gay porn involved.) (I would have linked “gay porn” to the story, but that would look kind of weird, so here’s the story: Warren Sapp Compares Retirement to Gay Porn

There are a few other parties listed here. The ones hosted by agents like Steinberg’s have no policy allowing public attendance, so just bring some snake oil and they might let you in.

Brady’s Marriage Proposal

He denied it. He’s keeping his sights on Jessica.

Here’s a video of the proposal with some insight on ESPN’s reporting of the incident produced by Dear Tracy P’s Blog

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  1. That would probably be pretty fun to attend one of those parties

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