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Kobe-James Battle, But Stephen A Already Knows MVP


Stephen A already has decided on MVP:

Kobe is the league-MVP right now, hands down. It’s so obvious, it isn’t even worth discussing, although I’ll have to tomorrow night on NBA Shootaround.

LeBron is leading the league in scoring and is also leading Kobe in rebounds per game and assists per game, so it would seem that there is some debate. Today’s contest may have furthered that debate depending on the outcome. I’m just here to talk about the first half, though.

And about Damon Jones’ hair!
<*** src="http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/8dd87370-f4de-412e-944b-a2c1d583b18e.jpg" height="300">

I listed the top 10 worst hairstyles in sports last year, but if I were starting from this year, Jones might make it. He looks like a skunk.

More on the game: Near the end of the first, there was a delay because heavy rains had caused a leak in the ceiling of the arena. Or so everybody thought.

The game was delayed for a while while employees went up to check. …and found the dripping wet clothes taken off by workers for the team’s ceiling company and laid to rest up there.

Anyone else, if you’ve got something to say in this random weekend post about Kobe vs James, comment on it. I’ll be back with stuff that makes sense all week.

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2 Responses to “Kobe-James Battle, But Stephen A Already Knows MVP”

  1. Haha, pretty bland weekend for sports, I had trouble coming up with posts, but got a few in.

    Look forward to what you’ve got in store this week

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