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More Blacks in Presidential Race Than in MLB


Spring is finally upon us and there is plenty to speak about in the world of sports. I thank you for giving me some of your time and I hope I am able to entertain.

Anybody who knows me well will readily acknowledge that I have a surplus of quirks and drawbacks. Despite my issues, one thing I am not is a racist or a bigot. With that mentioned, I couldn’t help but chuckle and scoff at the latest report that only 8.2% of Major League Baseball players are African Americans. I found the statistic comedic because I curiously can’t recall any mainstream report documenting the percentage of Caucasians that are currently employed by the National Basketball Association. Why is it that the lack of blacks in baseball is always noted by the media and the minuscule number of whites in basketball never is discussed? Seeing a white American man playing on an NBA hardwood is akin to finding a virgin in Vegas and the media needs to become more balanced in their reporting. If they don’t, I will continue to “scoff” and “chuckle” at their unbalanced disclosures to the public.

On cue with what I broached in my first topic, below is a quote by Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama on a recent segment of HBO’s “Real Sports” when he discussed his love of playing basketball during his youth. “Here is a place where being black was not a disadvantage.”

James Dolan, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who moonlights as a singer in the blues band “JD and the Straight Shot,” is the most incompetent and rudderless owner in the history of the New York Knicks franchise. Since taking over the Knickerbockers in 2000, he has transformed a once proud and upstanding organization into a national laughingstock and one of David Letterman’s favorite punch-lines. Despite his status as a mental gimp for the ages, Dolan genuinely came through for the Garden faithful at Monday’s home finale against the Boston Celtics when he provided long-suffering fans with free food and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the game. Without sarcasm, the Miles Davis wannabe deserves great credit for his tremendous gesture. Knicks fans may never have a chance to drink championship champagne with Dolan at the helm. But, at least some supporters received grub on the house thanks to the silver spoons chairman.

Washington Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson called Cleveland Cavaliers icon Lebron James “overrated” prior to their teams first game in the 2008 playoffs this past Saturday. Stevenson, a mediocre player who was charged with statutory rape in 2001, obviously has either a 24th chromosome or he is horribly delusional. King James is, at 23 years of age, already one of the greatest players to ever perform in the history of the NBA and it is uproarious to hear someone of Stevenson’s lowly stature claim otherwise. Stevenson calling Lebron “overrated” is like Chelsea Clinton calling Elizabeth Hurley ugly and I am quite confident that Stevenson dug his and his teammates graves before the first round even got underway.

In direct contrast to what I said in my baseball preview last month, the New York Yankees (10-10) pitching staff does appear too “green” and their everyday players do seem “too long-in-the-tooth” to seriously contend this year. It is only April and things can be dramatically altered between now and late-September. But, after 20 games, it looks like it could be a quiet autumn in the Bronx.

Yankees liability and relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth was suspended for three games yesterday after intentionally throwing at the Boston Red Sox Manny Ramirez during a game Thursday in the Bronx. For fans of the Yankees, this is an absolutely ideal scenario. In one pitch, the Yankees simultaneously sent a message to their northern rivals that they won’t be bullied in the bean ball warfare anymore and they shed themselves of their worthless right-hander for a few days. Talk about a classic example of killing two birds with one stone.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair retired this week after 13 highly-productive seasons in the NFL. McNair, 35, threw for over 31,000 yards in his career and he was the leagues Co-MVP in 2003. Despite his impressive accolades, “Air” McNair will be remembered as much for his toughness and ability to play through pain as he will be for his actual accomplishments on the gridiron. Unfortunately, toughness does not earn you a ticket to Canton. McNair was a very good signal-caller for both the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans. But, Steve McNair was definitely not a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Joe Calzaghe (45-0), 36, defeated Bernard Hopkins (48-5-1), 43, via a narrow split-decision Saturday night at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. If Calzaghe had fought “the Executioner” before Hopkins was eligible to receive social security checks, the Welshman would have entered, as Walter Sobchak said, “a world of fucking pain.” Time stands still for no man and that adage holds true even for the great Bernard Hopkins.

I am appreciative that you took the time to give me some of your time. Enjoy the weather and one of the best times of the year on the sports calendar.

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  2. Hank the Skank sucks, Farnsworth sucks, the 200 million dollar 10 and 10 Bronx Busts suck and the lil Hello Kitty pink panties recently added to your collection should have been buried instead of the Ortiz shirt. The Yankees will not finish higher than third – fourth or fifth most likely. You, like all things NYY
    suck. Aren’t those panties a little tight on you? You’re really into imitating A-Rod
    - what’s after the pink Hello Kitty panties – purple lipstick and a purse?

  3. Don’t blame me for what others say Bro however I can’t say i disagree with any of the comments. Clearly the Flying Potato dude is onto something – apparently the Hello Kitty panties are a bit tight even for someone hung like a hampster.

    With regards to your post – no comment

  4. You don’t think Steve MacNair should be in Canton (H.O.F.) Come on, that guy took us farther than Moon ever did, and Moon is in the Hall!!!

    McNair had heart, Moon maybe had better numbers, but if Moon is in the Hall, then McNair should be, personally, I dont think either of them should be!

  5. Have white athletes ever been discriminated against or banned from any sport?

    I didn’t think so.

  6. Whites aren’t being discriminated against, but then again, neither are blacks in baseball. In the 80’s, 1/6 MLB players were black. Since then, blacks in MLB have declined while blacks in NBA have risen. So did MLB execs become more racist since the 80’s, or did blacks start to move towards basketball?

  7. Sweetie – I’m gonna need those pink Hello Kitty panties back – they are my Saturday panties – don’t worry about washing them – I know the doctor’s have cleared you … by the way is it just me or are mhblatt and sash witless ? Just wondering

  8. I’m just responding to SVP Style on a serious topic, so I’m not trying to be witty.

  9. Possible reasons for less blacks in MLB…

    There are more black role models in the NBA and the NFL.

    Most likely, more MLB players had a dad who shared the game of baseball with him at an early age. There may be a higher percentage of young black boys without a father figure to begin playing ball while young so the chances of playing ball in HS or college are diminished.

    A black athlete good enough to play baseball in college is, unfortunately, the best player on the high school or college football or basketball team. They have a lock on a college scholarship in basketball and football and will not be allowed to play baseball in college. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders are couple who could do it but there are not many with that ability.

  10. I’ve said that least 1697943 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

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