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Showtime is back in LA as the playoffs get underway

Lakers dominate defense-deprived Nuggets en route to impressive game one victory


Kobe Bryant was in foul trouble and had four points at the half. A year ago the Lakers would have been doomed to a blowout loss, because they had no one to pick up the slack. But o how things have changed in Tinseltown. Behind a revved up Pau Gasol (36 points, 16 rebounds) and healthy Lamar Odom (17 points, 14 boards) the Lake Show ran roughshod over the offense-oriented, what’s defense? 8th seeded Nuggs 128-114.

Don’t insult me by telling me Denver is the old Phoenix Suns (all offense, no D). Denver’s questionable shot selection, and disappearing act in the third quarter ultimately ended any hopes they had of winning game one, as the Lakers outscored Denver by 17 (seventeen!) in the third. And LA pretty much coasted from there.

The scariest thing about the game? LA has incredible depth now. When Kobe’s not on his game, LA has Odom, Gasol, Luke Walton, Derek Fisher, Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, and a slew of other weapons to put on the court. Denver had two players score 30 (Guess who?) in Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony, but once again, Denver’s no show show on defense cost them any prayer.

And I feel very much comfortable with my five games and done pick. I still think Denver will win a game on their home court, but I don’t forsee much more then that. The Lakers are too loaded, too hot, and too overwhelming for the Nuggets to deal with.

If I’m Denver I pray. Because they don’t have the discipline to afford to not play any defense. At least when the Suns played, they made good decisions and rarely turned the ball over. The Nuggets are a freight train from hell. Dis-organized chaos if you will.

But hey, it could be worse. They could be Atlanta, who isn’t getting any love, nor any games, from anyone.

That series starts tonight. The perfect time to start studying!

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