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Day 3 of Stephen A hating

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most hated sports personalities on earth. And for good reason. I could mention his ultra-seriousness and angryness that makes him scream stuff like, “The Celtics need a point guard! I don’t care how good the big three is!” I could mention how he once thought the Chargers should kick a field goal on third down. I could mention a lot of things, but it’s best just to hear it from his fans.

Here’s some of the best comments left on his blog:

If I was forced to choose between saving your life and Osama Bin Laden’s, I save Bin Laden. Then I’d take him out drinking to celebrate your death.


Stephen, please stop screaming
-Hellen Keller


More comments:

Remember when you said the Chargers should kick a FG on 3rd down cuz if they miss they can kick it on 4th?

That was awesome. I hope this blog is awesome, too.


Even your written word feels like you’re yelling at me.


ESPN should have never fired you because you were a terrible talk show host and no one watch.

-R. Downing

So stupidity comes in an online format now? Terrific.

-Otto Man

This blog is as meaningful as an Andrei Kirilenko marriage proposal.

-More Credible

When did Stephen A turn into Malcolm X?


Keep talking about politics. You are so smart and well trained to be a pundit on everything.


I love this ‘Online Blog.’ I am reading it on my ‘PC Computer.’ I think I will make it a ‘bookmark favorite.’

-Redundantly Again

Why don’t you type like you talk-all caps?


I love this blog, or should I say, I love everybody ripping you to shreds in the comments.

-mr obvious

I hope you get trampled to death by a heard of rhinos.






Why do you hate me Stephen A Smith? I can’t understand why you keep yelling at me through my TV.

-T H&G

I muted my computer when I came to this ‘blog’ just in case.

-T H&G

You’re completely full of shit and your opinions are unsubstantiated…

PS – You frickin’ suck.


Skip Bayless challenged you to a yelling contest tomorrow afternoon in the ESPN parking lot.

-Titus Pullo

You can write this off as racism, but I’d still hate you if you were Chinese.

-Bukkake Tsuinami

A question that has plagued scientists for the better part of a decade: Is there life inside Stephen A’s head?


There is no writer who has more respect for journalism than Smith … with the possible exception of the guy who replaced him at the Inquirer, from which Smith was dumped for not having enough respect for journalism.


I’ve always thought you were Jim Henson’s finest creation.

-James Brown

Go choke on a Cheese Doodle, you clown.

-Bastard Son of Earl Campbell

My life would be much better if you, Skip, and Woody would ride off into the sunset drinking 40’s in a Cheese Doodle truck.

-It ain’t easy being cheesy

Does it take a lot of work to suck so much or does it just come naturally to you?

-Lee Marvin

Keep up the shitty work. It’s always good to know whose job I will take eventually.

-SAS Sucks

I understand that blogs are informal, but you would flunk out of elementary school with puntuation like this.


Remember that time you had a coherent thought? Me neither.


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16 Responses to “Stephen A. Blog’s Top Comments”

  1. If it weren’t for Stephen A., who would we have to yell at? For that matter, who would yell back?

  2. Hey Mitchell, love the post. Steven A. Smith is a joke, but he gives writers like you plenty of material to grill him on.

  3. Steven A Smith actually has alot of fans in the sports world. Part of his allure is the fact that as many hate him as like him. I think he is comical really.

  4. Is it just me or do we all have to find the remote as soon as he comes on the screen so that we can turn down the volume?? Can someone inform Stephen A. that there is a microphone on him and we can hear him perfectly fine!

  5. [...] Yes, that Stephen A. Smith.  The one who sucks.  As evidenced here, here, here, here, here, and here.  There’s even a sucky MySpace page about Stephen A sucking.  Which got me to thinking, [...]

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  11. Wow a Stephen A. Smith hate fan page? Haha, oh I love the internet and all it’s beautiful quirks. I’ve never seen so many people paint him in a negative light but hey he’s on tv right? Being judged is a part of his job title.

  12. “I love this ‘Online Blog.’ I am reading it on my ‘PC Computer.’ I think I will make it a ‘bookmark favorite.’”

    LOL! There’s nothing better than some sarcastic tautology.

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  16. Stephen A. Smith and Jemele Hill would make a very hated, ugly baby.

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