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Paul Pierce is Not a Hall of Fame Player

Big City Bias Without the Boston Bullshit

Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics defeated the Detroit Pistons 89-81 Friday night to advance to their first NBA Championship series since the 1987 season. The Celtics (66-16) are a tremendous team and an instrumental piece of their success is the stellar play of Pierce.

Nevertheless, recently I’ve spoken with a slew of incompetent Bostonians, all clearly intoxicated off of one too many Samuel Adams and bowls of clam chowder, who actually believe that the former Kansas Jayhawks star is a Hall of Fame talent. Pierce, 30, who was stabbed 11-times in the face, neck and back in 2000 during an altercation at Buzz Club in the city’s theater district, is a quality player who has made the All-Star team six-times and has been named to the All-NBA third team 3-times since being drafted with the 10th overall selection in the 1998 draft.

“The Truth” is, Pierce, who has averaged 23.1 points and 3.9 assists in his professional career, is a good player. But, in zero capacity should he be considered for the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Objectively, how can a man who has only made the All-NBA third team be considered an all-time great? It is simply inconceivable. The closest Pierce should ever get to the “City of Homes” is the crib he owns in Lincoln and that is the factual truth of the matter.

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33 Responses to “Paul Pierce is Not a Hall of Fame Player”

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  2. I’m going to tend to say I think I agree with you. Pierce is one of those nice talents who’s played well and carried the Celts for 10 years, but when I think of Hall of Famers (future HOF’s that is) I think of guys like Kobe and I don’t consider Pierce anywhere near that company.

    If Pierce gives 5 more strong seasons and wins an MVP maybe I’ll reconsider. But as of now, I say no to the Hall fo Fame in Springfield, MA

  3. Pierce is going to the HOF. Whether you like it or not. If a softy like Dirk is going to the Hall, then Pierce is a lock.

  4. Trec, where did you hear that Dirk is going to the HOF? Nowitzki is a very good player but he has ways to go before he’s considered for the Hall.

  5. Trec,

    Pierce isn’t even in Dirk’s league and I am not exactly saying that Dirk equates to Willis Reed here either.

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  8. Paul Pierce will be in the Hall of Fame. Period. This isn’t the Baseball Hall of Fame here. Players, that if compared to baseball’s standards, would not make the hall of fame are constantly let in. The basketball hall of fame has pretty low prestige when it comes to the 4 major (yeah I still consider hockey to be a major sport) sport HOFs. The thing is though, Paul Pierce IS at the level that if the standards were as high as baseball, would be a Hall of Famer. Your argument “how can a man who has only made the All-NBA third team be considered an all-time great?” is pretty invalid considering there are several players in the basketball hall of fame that never even made the 3rd team…

  9. 100% agree

  10. Josh,

    Name ONE player in the Hall who didn’t make an All-NBA team…

    Good luck…


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  12. Colin:

    KC Jones.

    I can go on and on, but you only asked for one player.

  13. Players in the Hall of Fame that never were on an All NBA Team:

    Drazen Petrovic
    Arnie Risen
    Buddy Jeannette
    Walt Bellamy
    Calvin Murphy
    Bob Lanier
    K.C. Jones
    Lenny Wilkens (As a Player)
    Bob Houbregs
    Al Cervi
    Nate Thurmond
    Bill Bradley
    Frank Ramsey

    Players in the Hall of Fame that were only on the All NBA 3rd Team:

    James Worthy (Twice)

  14. *Drazen got in because he died.
    *Worthy-One of 50 greatest players ever.-3rings
    *Bellamy-First team-1962
    *Lenny Wilkins is in the Hall because he has the most wins as a coach in history and he was on the 50 greatest of all time team.
    *Bob Houbregs-Canadien Hall of Fame
    *Al Cervi played in the NBL in the fucking 40′s.
    *Nate Thurmond-50 Greatest Players.

  15. Plus, if Dennis Johnson is not in the Hall, Pierce doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get in.

  16. Colin,

    You asked me to name NBA players who made the Hall of Fame and were not on an All-NBA Team.

    I did.

    Petrovic should not have made the Hall of Fame simply because he died. Reggie Lewis died the same year, and was a better player, yet he is not in the Hall of Fame, nor should he be.

    Worthy, yes was selected as one of the 50 greatest players of all time, but he still did not make it above the All-NBA 3rd team.

    Lenny Wilkins is actually in the Hall of Fame as a Player (inducted in 1989) AND as a coach (inducted in 1998) Yes he was on the 50 greatest players team, but still never made an All-NBA team.

    Bellamy was actually Rookie of the Year in 1961-1962, he was not on the All NBA Team. That year the All NBA Team was:

    1st Team
    Elgin Baylor
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Bob Pettit
    Oscar Robertson
    Jerry West

    2nd Team
    Bob Cousy
    Richie Guerin
    Tom Heinsohn
    Bill Russell
    Jack Twyman

    Bob Houbregs might be in the Canuck HOF, but that doesn’t mean he was ever on an All-NBA team now does it?

    Thurmond was on the 50 greatest players team, but again never made an All-NBA team.

    Ramsey has 7 rings, OK, how many does Robert Horry have? Is he good enough to be in the HOF based on the teams he happened to be on?

    I am not taking away anything from these players, they were all GREAT and, except for Drazen, they all should be in the Hall of Fame where they are. I was just pointing out that using this argument against Paul Peirce was invalid.

    You challenged me to name ONE player that had never made an All-NBA team and was in the Hall of Fame. You even got all cocky and wished me luck. I gave you 13.

    Not trying to sound like an ass, but do a little research before you publish something. And when you find you are uninformed about something, take it for what it is worth and come away from it a better person and writer, don’t try to justify yourself with other facts like you did. Nothing you said changed the fact that those guys were never on an All-NBA team.

    You stated that Paul Pierce should not be considered among the greats of the game because of this. But then yourself even admitted that members of the 50 All Time Greatest players never received this honor. See what I mean about that being an ineffective argument?

  17. Nope. Paul Pierce is not an NBA Hall of Famer.

    Bellamy made first team:

    Walt Bellamy Position Center / Power forward
    Height 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
    Weight 225 lb (102 kg)
    Born July 24, 1939 (1939-07-24) (age 68)
    New Bern, North Carolina, U.S.
    Nationality American
    Draft 1st pick, 1st overall, 1961
    Chicago Packers
    Pro career 1961–1974
    Former teams Chicago Zephyrs (1961–1962)
    Chicago Packers (1962–1963)
    Baltimore Bullets (1963–1965)
    New York Knicks ((1965–1968)
    Detroit Pistons (1968–1969) Atlanta Hawks (1970–1973)
    New Orleans Jazz (1973–1974)

    Awards NBA Rookie Of The Year, 1961-62
    All-Big Ten at Indiana University, 1960, 1961
    4-Time NBA All-Star, 1962-65
    All-NBA First-Team, 1962

    Nice reasearch though and thanks for the read. Hasta Luego.

  18. yea, you got this one wrong.

    for one, pierce is going to be a top 15 all time scorer (it will take him 3 more years to crack 15 at his current average, he projects to 9th all time with his current average)

    fo ranother, as josh pointed out and you did a bad job of dismissing, plenty of guys who wern’t put on all-nba first teams got in. your argument for why worthy shouldn’t count is particularly laughable. what does him being named one of the top 50 of all time have to do with him not meeting your critera?

    you asked without doing research figuring josh wouldn’t either, and he did and kind of put some egg on your face, no big deal.

    again, like your posts, but this one you got wrong, i’ll bet you anything you want tha assuming he gets no catstrophic injuries, he goes to the hall.

    when he wins a ring this year, it will be a lock even without him playing 5 more years.

  19. ok collin, you got one out of 13. what about the other 12 names he brought up, all of whom meet your criteria.

    plus, why focus on this point, its ok that he found some guys. it just makes you look petty to define new critera once someone awnsers your challange.

    if you want to make an argument against him on stats/championships, thats one thing, but why belabor your 3rd team NBA stat, its easily the weakess argument you put forth…

  20. To the both of you, genuine thanks for reading my articles-sincerely. Lord knows that I am not always right. Paul Pierce was drafted in 1998 and he made his debut in 1999. In that span, there are literally about 15 players I’d prefer to have on my team without even thinking twice. With that in mind, I can’t take Pierce and place in a Hall of Fame conversation. That’s me…I can tell yuo guys know your sports and you have your vantages. That’s why sports are great….Opinions often differ.

    Genuine thanks again! Take care, guys!

  21. I really don’t want to bring this up because it will seem really petty, BUT, Walt Bellamy was not on an All NBA Team in 1962. I think you must have used Wikipedia to get your information. This entry is incorrect, and is a reason why any wiki should never be used as something to back up a point. Wikipedia it’s self contradicts it’s self on this point.

    Look at the Wikipedia page for the 1961-1962 Season:


    Notice the glaring difference? The All-NBA Team for that year is listed at the bottom of the page. Bellamy’s name is not on it.

    Now look at the Basketball Reference page for the 1961-1962 Season:


    Notice again Walt Bellamy is not listed as a member of the All-NBA team.

    Now look at the official NBA page for Walt:


    It mentions all of his accomplishments, but again does not mention him being chosen on an All-NBA team. Why? Because he never was selected for this honor, however it in no way means he should not be in the HOF.

    I know this seems really petty, but the point I am trying to make is that people blogging about their opinions without doing correct research is ruining journalism. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, look into what you write before you publish it. Learn what sources are credible. If you want your opinion known, by all means let it be known, but be sure what you are saying is correct.

  22. My research is always right and I am not even nearing ruining journalism and you have some balls to even make that claim. Whatever Wikipedia info about fucking Bellamy that I mentioned was not in my published work. It was sent to you on a whim in a comment section. Focus on yourself, Mitch Albom.

  23. It seems I struck a nerve. “My research is always right” Yeah, I think I have shown it isn’t.

    People publishing things as fact that are not true (ie: your Bellamy information) ruins journalism and takes away from the credibility of bloggers everywhere.

    I know you will not admit it, but you know I am correct, and I hope you will take time to research things better before you publish things.

  24. Josh – you got game. Colin -you got burnt.

    The whole arguement comes down to one point: are you saying Pierce isn’t a HOFer now, or that he will never be enshrined? Because it’s a bit premature to say he isn’t Hall worthy now seeing as his career isn’t even close to being over yet.

    What if he wins a title this year, possibly another one in the near future, and finishes his career in the Top 10 in scoring?

    I’ll answer that – he’ll be a lock for the Hall, just like Crownsy said.

  25. Josh, it wasn’t published you jackass….My articles are always accurate…Find one thing that I wrote in an ARTICLE that is innacurate…You’re a little bitch and I’d love to meet you in an alley.

  26. According to NBA Reference hall of fame probability index (which has a 95% accuracy in predicting hall of famers), Pierce is a near lock to make the Hall of fame (.9512 out of 1.000) rating him 9th among active players and 52nd overall.


  27. Colin

    Its always funny to read morons like you get bitch slapped and then act like e-thugs because they are too stupid to simply admit they were wrong…. I got a kick out of reading you make an ass out of yourself though….

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  33. Paul Pierce is getting old.To win the championship for him and cetics is getting more and more hard.

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