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Top 100 Most Valuable Sports Blogs

Deadspin Valued at Over $16 Million

How much is your sports blog worth? Did it make the top 100? Read this to find out.

I am basing the valuations off DN Scoop, a website that values websites based on links, PR, traffic rank, and other factors. The general valuation for a website on sale is 10-20 times monthly earnings. That can vary based on domain name, branding exposure, etc, but the valuations should be somewhat accurate.

The site only works for entire domains, so blogs hosted on another domain like the Fanhouse won’t qualify. The reason is, this program will look into all links going to the entire AOL domain, not just the sports blog.

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Here are the top 100:

EDIT: Every Day Should be Saturday is actually valued at $1,843,744, not $31,360, however, it’s alternate domain, edsbs.com, was valued at $31,360.

1.) Deadspin – $16,567,150
2.) Baseball Prospectus – $3,325,020
3.) Blog Maverick – $2,426,316
4.) Baseball Musings – $2,021,668
5.) Hardball Times – $1,954,316
6.) The Big Lead – $1,833,380
7.) With Leather – $1,802,000
8.) Sports by Brooks – $1,656,200
9.) Can’t Stop the Bleeding – $1,470,044
10.) Mister Irrelevant – $1,367,296
11.) The Offside – $1,337,720
12.) We Are the Postmen – $1,319,772
13.) Dan Shanoff – $1,306,768
14.) Sunday Morning QB – $1,283,448
15.) Kissing Suzy Kolber – $1,265,046
16.) Deuce of Davenport – $845,424
17.) Mets Blog – $942,820
18.) Larry Brown Sports – $893,800
19.) Brahsome – $840,274
20.) MLB Trade Rumors – $505,760
22.) The Starting Five – $401,100
23.) Pro Football Talk – $260,350
24.) Minor League Ball – $224,896
25.) Burnt Orange Nation – $210,152
26.) Golden State of Mind – $208,408
27.) Slam Online – $206,870
28.) Bucs Dugout – $201,622
29.) Dawg Sports – $197,072
30.) The Good Phight – $196,224
31.) Beyond the Box Score – $190,624
32.) Celtics Blog – $173,880
34.) Kuklas Korner – $154,336
35.) Southside Sox – $152,096
36.) EPL Talk – $146,496
37.) Sports Frog – $146,168
38.) The Basketball Jones – $142,572
39.) Blogging the Boys – $142,572
40.) McCovery Chronicles – $138,920
41.) Bugs and Cranks – $138,648
42.) Draft Express – $137,760
43.) Bloody Elbow – $127,196
44.) Uni Watch Blog – $137,122
45.) 38 Pitches – $134,724
46.) Royals Review – $134,624
50.) Fish Stripes – $134,624
51.) Camden Chat – $134, 624
52.) Sac Town Royalty – $131,672
53.) Lone Star Ball – $129,696
54.) Bright Side of the Sun – $128,048
55.) Arrowhead Pride – $128,048
56.) Bleeding Green Nation – $128,048
57.) Surviving Grady – $127,420
58.) Lets Go Tribe – $124,096
59.) Halos Heaven – $123,424
60.) Niners Nation – $122,748
61.) Pounding the Rock – $120,772
62.) Behind the Steel Curtain – $120,772
63.) Hogs Haven – $116,812
64.) Mavs Moneyball – $116,812
65.) The Falcoholic – $113,632
66.) Indy Cornrows – $113,321
67.) On Frozen Blog – $106,848
68.) Detroit Bad Boys – $104,420
69.) Boston Sports Media – $93,000
70.) The Jets Blog – $90,496
72.) Baseball Think Factory – $84,061
73.) Knicker Blogger – $83,720
74.) First Inning – $83,224
75.) Behind the Jersey – $82,823
76.) Sports Agent Blog – $80,348
77.) Hoops Addict – $78,262
78.) Biz of Baseball – $75,048
79.) Dime – $57,460
80.) Brew Hoop – $52,600
81.) Fire Joe Morgan – $51,744
82.) Goat Riders – $51,520
83.) The 700 Level – $51,296
84.) River Ave Blues – $51,294
85.) Hot Foot Blog – $51,012
86.) Empty the Bench – $50,264
87.) Need 4 Sheed – $49,268
88.) Ump Bump – $47,742
89.) Homer Derby – $47,380
90.) Joe Sports Fan – $46,948
91.) NHL Hockey Blog -$45,835
92.) Losers With Socks – $40,994
93.) Mack Avenue Tigers – $32,700
94.) Supersonics Soul – $31,970
95.) Zoner Sports – $31,800
96.) U.S.S. Mariner – $31,702
97.) EDSBS – $31,360
98.) Storming the Floor – $29,376
99.) Awful Announcing – $24,168
100.) Gaslamp Ball – $23,296

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66 Responses to “Top 100 Most Valuable Sports Blogs”

  1. [...] number, according to dnScoop, is how much RAB is worth. The Juiced Sports Blog claims that we’re the 84th most valuable blog on the blogosphere. That’s pretty [...]

  2. Everydayshouldbesaturday is missing, it comes in at about $1.8 million…

  3. When I look these sites up, I get far different values for many of them. They couldn’t have changed that much since you published them, but DN has #100 Gas Lamp at $124,096, moving it way up, #99 ESBDS is $31,360, #96 USSM at $231,352, which would put it at #24…

  4. I dont know what took me so long, but I just found your site. Its GREAT!!!.
    Hopefully My blog will be in that list sooner or later.

  5. [...] of you reading today who might also be Cubs fans, let me reprise. (Actually, maybe it’s more; we are worth a million dollars in pretend internet money.) If you buy a “Horry Kow” t-shirt, you are scum of the Earth. [...]

  6. You guys missed my site. I should be ranked in the top 70 or m80, at $127,000 bucks.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Interesting list. I just checked my site, Ducksnorts.com, and it returns a value of $117,094, which would be between #62 and #63. Incidentally, if anyone wants to pay me that amount, I’m all ears… ;-)

  8. FYI, my blog, WasWatching.com – a Yankees-focused blog, came in at $148,736

  9. This is way off… Mike Florio makes at least $400K a year from PFT. That site should be valued at 50x more than what that site has it.

  10. That’s just an estimate based off what I’m making on my site and seeing as how he has more traffic than I do.

  11. Per the site DRaysBay is worth roughly 208k which puts it around 27th.

  12. Likewise, I just ran my site, futilityinfielder.com, and at $124,248, I’m priced to sell — no reasonable offer will be refused!

    All of which leads me to wonder how many more fo these blogs have been undervalued.

  13. . . . or left off entirely. Baseball Toaster dents the top-20 as posted above. Based on these comments, this list needs to be completely redone.

  14. And LookoutLanding.com came in at $213,696, which would put it at #25 on that list. Many of the other SBNation blogs are listed; don’t understand wny LL was missed.

  15. It seems like there are an awful lot of very prominent baseball blogs left off this list incorrectly. For example, my blog AaronGleeman.com is valued at $249,018 according to dnScoop.

  16. Athletics Nation was not included? http://www.athleticsnation.com


  17. Me rikey McCovery Chronicles!

  18. [...] Juiced Sports today has a list of the Top 100 Most Valuable Sports Blogs. [...]

  19. Great list. I could not find out what http://www.neswsports.com is worth. The site will not let me see. edsbs.com and awfulannouncing.com are misquoted because their actual site has a different .com . That site gets all the links etc… They should be http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com and http://www.awfulannouncing.blogspot.com .

  20. Epic Carnival is worth $1,257,424 according to dnscoop, which would put us at #16. You left us off the list completely.

  21. [...] to go off on this bloggy tangent, but I don’t know if you saw this list of the most valuable sports blogs. Our little site did not make the list, which is not surprising since, as I may have mentioned, I [...]

  22. [...] don’t mean to doubt the veracity of any public claim that CSTB is worth $1,470,044.00. But if someone offered me a tenth of that amount to turn over the entire operation, I’d be outta [...]

  23. [...] Top 100 Valuable Sports Blogs – Juiced Sports Blogs [...]

  24. This is really ridiculous. If you’re going to do something like this to generate traffic, at least be thorough in doing it.

  25. FanIQ.com = $5,895,680 which would rank #2.

  26. [...] sense, but when you can slap together a year’s worth of poop, pot, boob and brah jokes and make yourselves worth over 800 grand, you have to consider that [...]

  27. Hey boss, you’re missing sportsfrog.com, valued by your site at $146,168. Good for #37 or something on your list. Please make the adjustment, eh?

  28. Mess, absolute mess.

    One glaring mistake is Awful Announcing should be much higher than that. Number is way off.

    Crappy research and you’ve left out some of the more popular blogs.

    Bizarre post.

  29. [...] came across this at Juiced Sports. There’s another tool for determining your blog’s worth and this blogger compiled a list of the Top 100 blogs based on total worth. It isn’t entirely [...]

  30. My site, TheCubdom.com is supposedly worth $119,416 and yet I could name 200 baseball blogs that would sell for more than mine. It’s a fun exercise, but claiming that the list is the top 100 is inaccurate.

  31. [...] positive comments and am happy to provide you with this new and improved product. Apparently, SportsAgentBlog.com is valued at $80,348, but don’t worry, I have no plans of selling this site any time soon. Anyway, it was a huge [...]

  32. I am sure with all the new requests we would be bumped off but I am just happy to know that within a little over a year we are in the top 100-150 with $$26,574

    Good work on the list, I am sure that anyone would have a few misses.

    Arrowhead Addict

  33. I realize you posted the numbers as best you could, but it’s all subjective. What I mean by that is DN Scoop doesn’t take one very important element of a blog’s worth into account – the writer’s time. Isn’t our time worth something? Isn’t the content we post of value? I don’t see anything mentioned about either of those factors in their determination of a blog’s worth.

  34. Wow Awful Announcing seems incredibly low for how popular it is…

  35. a little ridiculous barstool sports isnt on there considering that site gives them a value of 1,600,000 how can you omit the number 9 most valuable sports blog?

  36. my site soxanddawgs.com would sneak in at the bottom of the list at around 37K

  37. [...] Sports Blog has ranked the 100 most valuable sports blogs based on… links, PR, traffic rank, and other factors. The general valuation for a website on [...]

  38. Hopefully my Blog will be up there soon!


  39. Hopefully within two years my blog (www.docsportsblog.com) will be on this list!

  40. Nice blog, great information, enjoyed the bit about the blogging resources.

  41. Good work on the list, I am sure that anyone would have a few misses.

  42. Hi,
    When I look these sites up, I get far different values for many of them. They couldn’t have changed that much since you published them.


    Wide Circles

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    Check out the site and give us feedback!

  44. Nice post I can’t wait till my blog is on that list.

  45. [...] 100 Most Valuable Sports Blogs, Most Money [...]

  46. Usefull post for all webusers. This helps to identify the status of the websites.

  47. I totally agree, so that sports enthusiast would know which blog site for sports is reliable since it’s based on links, PR, traffic ranking, and other factors. These are the sites that has reputation from Google.

  48. Excellent blog you’ve got here. You will see me going through your stuff often. Bookmarked!

  49. Cool, it’s unusual, to be ever

  50. Deadspin — Looks so simple but valued $16,567,150 !!!!!!

  51. Any way I’m going to be subscribing for your feed and Hopefully you post again rapidly

  52. You guys missed my site. I should be ranked in the top 70 or m80, at $127,000 bucks.

    Keep up the good work

  53. This is a cool list, full of really interesting blogs.

    Still, you should check out my website, bighitbattingcages.com. I sell a wide variety of sports equipment, from baseball pitching machines, to lacrosse nets and more.

  54. good job and nice list arranged

  55. Deadspin at 16 million? 16 million to write about sports in a humouristic tone? I gotta get a new job!

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  59. Thanks, been looking for a list of good sports blogs.

  60. I’ve said that least 1988791 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  61. Wow, marvelous weblog format! How long have you been blogging for? you made running a blog look easy. The full look of your site is wonderful, let alone the content material!

  62. These are the sites that has reputation from Google.

  63. Great list of blogs. Very informative and some good reads.

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