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Someone’s got to be a realist with this whole NBA Draft thing…

<*** src="" alt="Would someone get that man a new hat?" align="right" border="1" height="198" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="264" />The draft is over (hallelujah), but the aftermath of the draft is just beginning, as we phase ourselves closer and closer into what looks like a potentially wild off season


We scoured the internet for juicy commentary and half assed insight on the biggest trades and moves made in the midst of the NBA Draft flurry. But then we got bored, and settled on these.

Richard Jefferson is off to Milwaukee in a move that makes the Bucks a playoff contender. Then again, how hard is it to finish 8 games under .500 nowadays? Why Michael Hunt thinks the Bucks are now a little better then they were before the trade. But keep an eye on the future, 3 years from now, when the Bucks will seriously have to take a look at their payroll situation.

While the Bucks seem to have some sort of plan, the Nets look a little clueless. And contrary to Mark Jackson’s glowing assessment of their recent activities, the Nets are going nowhere soon. Except to Brooklyn in 2010, and with it will go a heap load of cap space. Call it Lebron space. Then again, Amare, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh are all potential free agents that year. Still though, acquiring Yi and Simmons leaves one question: Is Vince Carter next? After all, the Nets have a mere two guys older then 25 now. That is truly the definition of a youth movement.

Toronto’s blockbuster trade for the oft-injured Jermaine O’Neal may have looked great on paper, but it doesn’t make the new look Raps that much better, nor any more exciting says Dave Feshuk. In fact, the trade makes the up and coming Raptors older, and slower. Bryan Colangelo’s vision for a sleek, quick European style team is out the window, and the death of breakneck basketball is quickly becoming more apparent by the day, as teams like Boston and San Antonio win their titles with stifling defense and timely offense.

Say what you want about Indiana’s uh, complete roster revamping, but this much is clear: no one is untouchable in Indiana. And to tell you the truth, who on that team is that great anyways? The once dynamic Pacers are now a collection of decent veterans, and potentially good young guys, with no superstar in sight. But hey, Pacers fans wanted change, and Larry Bird has delivered that… and the infamous “loads of cap space” for the future to get a great free agent. Because everyone is just dying to go to Indiana.

Grizzlies basketball is well… o who are we kidding, boring as hell. But Geoff Calkins applauds the pathetic franchise for making… well a splash. Okay, so they won’t win a championship he quips, but at least there’s hope. And those of you wondering what it would have taken to pry Michael Beasley from the Miami Heat? How about Rudy Gay. I guess Memphis isn’t totally retarded.

As for Minnesota and Kevin Love and Mike Miller? Well, I can’t even find a local columnist who wrote about it. Someone must have. In the meantime, check out their “logo face lift.”

The Heat got hot sauce when it selected Michael Beasley says Dave Hyde.

The Suns won’t be bringing sexy back with Robin Lopez, but it was the smart pick believes Dan Bickley

The best piece of work written about the draft was clearly this gem.

Though Bill Simmons annual draft diary never fails to disappoint.

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12 Responses to “Someone’s got to be a realist with this whole NBA Draft thing…”

  1. A local columnist didn’t write about the Grizzlies trade of Kevin Love to the T-Wolves, but I did. I hate it. Completely stupid move by the Grizzlies giving away the one player they really needed – a center.

    Now we have four guards and three forwards. All of the m essentially fit the same mold. The trade involving Arthur to Portland wasn’t much better.

    It’s going to be another long year in Memphis.

  2. Actually, Memphis had something on the Grizz trade, I just couldn’t find anything on the T-Wolves side of things. But I can’t disagree with you. In a couple years the Grizz went from playoff hopeful to playoff mainstay to first round disappointment, to over-rated, to mediocre, to off the map all together, and now they’re on the verge of becoming completely irrelevant. Give Wallace a couple more seasons and the Grizz will find themselves in another NBA city.

  3. Good thing that link described the “drastic” changes to the Wolves logo, becuase I thought it was one of those “can you spot the difference between these two pictures” contests.

  4. haha, yeah the differences are minor but I do think it’s an improvement. There new logo has a glow to it, where as their old one was kind of dull. Plus, the new logos mean new unis, which should be interesting for the T-wolves as they transition away from the KG era.

  5. When I said local columnist I meant here in Memphis. Geoff Caulkins writing about the Arthur trade (linked to in the post) and his near gushing over the “splash” it created. Please.

    I don’t think the T-Wolves did much better, other than getting Love. Mike Miller will miss at least 15 games because of his chronically bad back. Brian Cardinal and his 2-year, $13 million deal is a wash with the Marko Jaric deal that Memphis now has the pleasure of paying.

    Had the Grizzlies kept Love I wouldn’t be pissed. Now I’m thinking of selling my season tickets.

  6. O I was not aware of that… I have to ask: what’s the atmosphere like at a Grizzlies home game? The team constantly gets bad press for not attracting fans, so is it like a ghost town at the FedEx Forum, or is that exaggerated? And do you buy the naysayers who claim Memphis can’t support both the Tigers and the Grizz, and that the Grizz have to go? Just curious MoonDog.

  7. Like any other franchise, when they were winning, it was great. The crowds averaged about 16,000 for home games it was boisterous. Now, if they get 8,000 they’re lucky.

    With Fox Sports Net carrying a lot of the games, that keeps fans from potentially showing up. But when you’re 22-60, no one is that interested.

    The day Jerry West resigned is the day this franchise started to go downhill. Chris Wallace has been a disaster as the GM. The Gasol trade was bad enough. They actually planned that trade well in advance. I wrote a piece about it a few months back.

    The Tigers are the biggest draw in town. They put 17-18 thousand a game in the seats and every game is televised. Like I said, when you win, they will come.

    I see you have my friend the Ethanator’s banners on your site. He’s a really good guy.

    Would you like to swap logos with me? Our traffic is about the same – I’ll get about 15K uniques this month and growing.

    Let me know. Nice chatting with you.

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