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Chad Johnson Can Beat Michael Phelps in Swimming, But He Can’t Even Win a Playoff Game

Chad Johnson said he could beat Michael Phelps on Pardon the Interuption:

“The problem with Michael Phelps is there’s no competition where he is. If he came to where I’m from, which is the inner city, you know in Liberty City, I was a three-time Charles Hadley pool champ. No, no, don’t laugh. This is not funny. Some of the best people in the world are the people who are not able to make it to that level. Where I’m from, I know a couple of people who could beat Michael Phelps now, serious, and I’m one of them.”

Johnson was serious when he said that. TK and Wilbon were laughing, but Johnson was serious. No, no, don’t laugh. I’m serious that he was serious.

Michael Phelps is 23 and has 11 Olympic gold medals and 33 world records. Presumably Johnson could set 34 world records.

As for Johnson, well his career high for catches in a season is 97. Marvin Harrison’s single season record is 143. Good luck setting just one NFL record, Johnson.

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3 Responses to “Chad Johnson Can Beat Michael Phelps in Swimming, But He Can’t Even Win a Playoff Game”

  1. You know what? I honestly think Johnson thinks he could swim with Phelps.

    Football seems to be filled with guys who think they’re the best at everything. You’d never hear Phelps say he could be a better football player.

    Here’s the real deal: I bet Phelps could honestly beat Johnson with one arm tied to his body.

    What most people — Johnson included — don’t understand is how truly transcendent these performances are. If you took the fastest guy in the NFL and put him on the starting line in the 100M final at the Olympics, he will look like he is terminally ill compared to those sprinters.

    That is truly how fast they are.

  2. [...] Johnson, you may remember, said he could beat Michael Phelps at swimming. [...]

  3. swimming can really exercise all the muscles in our body that is why it is better than walking.,                    

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