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Athlete Endorsements: John Elway for McCain

Since I’m a political junkie and a sports fan, I have devised a new column I’m going to be posting from now until November: athlete endorsements. There have already been many high profile athletes endorsing Obama including Greg Oden and LeBron James (who donated $20,000 to a group to help elect Obama), along with retired athletes Bill Bradley and Joe Dumars.

With basketball players heavily favoring Obama, McCain has to work on a sport that Republicans have traditionally done well in, football. That said, he already has the support of the Elway family.

After doing some research on Open Secrets.org, I found that John Elway donated $2,300 to McCain’s campaign on May 29 and $600 to the Republican National Committee. His wife donated $400 to the Republican National Committee. Overall, the Elways have donated $16,000 to Republican candidates and committees this election cycle.

However, McCain wasn’t Elway’s first choice. Elway originally donated $2,300 to Rudy Giuliani in March, 2007.

Overall, Elway has been a strong supporter of the Republicans since 1990, donating $24,000 to them in that timespan and none to Democrats.

Full disclosure on Elway’s donations: Open Secrets

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12 Responses to “Athlete Endorsements: John Elway for McCain”

  1. Good find. That’s very interesting…

  2. [...] Man with largest head in sports endorses John McCain. [...]

  3. If you are going to mention athletes supporting John McCain – you have to start with Curt Schilling. He had a commercial supporting McCain which ran constantly during the New Hampshire (and Massachusetts) primaries.

    Here’s the video.


  4. [...] John Elway Puts Bucks Behind McCain Published August 12, 2008 Uncategorized Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway is a Republican supporter.  He was down for Rudy Giuliani, as was Rangers owner, Tom Hicks, but he’s putting dollars behind John McCain. [...]

  5. Curt Schilling is an azzhole.His endorsement means nothing .

  6. John Elway is just worried that his taxes will go up, and they will. John, you can afford it you cheap tightwad. You too Curt. We don`t care what you think. Maybe someday these Pro athletes will realize that they cannot get paid what they do if people can`t go to the freakin games anymore! Let`s see, Cubs game for 4 this year would have run about $800-$900, easily. Of course that includes the $40 to park. Count me out. I knew this collapse would happen and I`m glad I cashed out my stocks near end of last year. Major sports will be hit hard next thanks to Greed!!

  7. Some actual indepth topic here, excited to have found your blog

  8. Elway seems to be a big giver. Do you think his money was thrown away considering the fact that McCain did not become president?

    Just my five cents

    // Heidi

  9. I’ve learned to appreciate pro athletes for their on field exploits and not pay attention to what they do off the field, and this story is another reason why I’ve taken this stance.

  10. I’ve said that least 3124518 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  11. @Derren
    Curt Schilling is not an ash-ole. Why would you say that his endorsement means noting at all.

  12. I do not know why we are all making such a fuss about athletes supporting their favorite candidates just like any other American citizen. They have their choice, you and me have ours. And that is the end of the story. Are you taking Greg Oden and LeBron James to court because they supported Obama who has put us into deeper s***. So I would say let’s not get too hyper over someone supporting McCain.

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