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Next Week: JSB interviews the men behind the brand New EagleBank Bowl

Got questions for the guys behind college football’s newest bowl? Put em down in our comments section, and we just might ask them.


We are excited to announce that next week we have an interview lined up with the EagleBank Bowl. The EagleBank Bowl is to be the first bowl played this year (December 20th) and will take place in our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. Believe it or not, it’s the first sanctioned post-season bowl game in D.C. ever. Some people, myself included, have wondered why we need another bowl (never-mind two) and we will ask those questions, because we are Juiced Sports, and we are unafraid of asking the tough questions. But if you have something you’d like to ask, let us know this week and next week you just might get it answered. And if you’re wondering what happened to the Congressional Bowl, well sponsorship happened. Dollars happened. EagleBank happened.

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One Response to “Next Week: JSB interviews the men behind the brand New EagleBank Bowl”

  1. Isn’t it fitting that the Congressional Bowl gets sponsored? When’s Congress going to get sponsored? I bet they get sponsored by an investment bank soon.

    Seriously, it’s much better having this bowl game be called the EagleBank Bowl than the Congressional Bowl, because Congress is a lot more corrupt than any form of sponsorship.

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