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Olympic Triathlete vs. London Subway

In the tradition of Chad Johnson racing horses, Olympic triathlete Tim Don took it to the street against a London subway train.

Don first raced between stations 965 meters apart (That’s 0.6 miles for us Americans; what’s with those silly Brits basing all of their calculations on the tens?), then he went 4,988 meters (3.1 miles) in his next race.

He won both.

Of course, it was no contest to him. He’s used to racing 51.5 miles in the Olympic triathlon. He placed tenth in the 2000 games and won the 2007 London Triathlon but didn’t compete in the 2008 Olympics due to illness. (You know how much his illness would have gotten aggravated in that Beijing pollution if he tried.)

There’s a video under the fold:

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