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Pacman Gone!

<*** src="http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t295/dbackdiehard17/mrjones.jpg?t=1224026876" align="right" height="327" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="254" />Forever?

“Goodell said his decision on whether Jones can return will be based on Jones’ strict compliance with the NFL and the Cowboys in relation to treatment plans and evaluations by clinical experts.”

It doesn’t take an expert to know that after another fight, Pacman “Not Adam” Jones will probably never be a functioning member of a civilized society.

Hell, he can’t even be functioning enough to be a member of an uncivilized National Football League.

His latest fight has caused him to be suspended for an undisclosed period.

Aside from getting into a fight, he also violated probation by becoming intoxicated.

Jones appeared to be talking in the third person, but it turns out this is what Jerry Jones had to say:

“I am disappointed for him and his opportunity and for the Cowboys and our opportunity and, frankly, for the NFL,” Jones said. “I would like to have been standing here talking about his success and the curtain coming up for him and addressing his issues. That certainly would have been more positive.”

There was no comment as to how long he is expected to be suspended or what his chances are of returning to the NFL, but after six prior arrests, Roger Goodell was pretty fed up with him to suspend him for an entire season.

Goodell did say that a possible return would be predicated on Jones’s compliance with a set of standards and “evaluations by clinical experts.”

You don’t have to be an expert to guess what an expert might conclude.

Because of the suspension, the Cowboys will end up receiving a fifth round pick from the Titans and not have to give up their sixth round pick next year.

The final trade pans out like this:

Cowboys Get:
Pacman Jones for six games (good for 0 INTs and 25 tackles)
a 2009 fifth round pick

Titans Get:
a 2008 fourth round pick

It’s pretty much a wash, but, especially after figuring in the bad publicity, the Titans have a slight advantage.

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