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Lost at Sea: The Coast Guard calls it’s search off

Lost at Sea: The Coast Guard calls it’s search off

Today we pause for the victims at sea, and remind ourselves that athletes, as super-human as they may seem, are still people too


It happens everyday.  People die.

But when it happens to our athletes, our big strong, super-heroes that can seemingly overcome anything except their giant egos, it just seems different.  NFL players are big, strong, tough and unbreakable.  At times they seem invincible.  Inevitably though, they’re no different than any of us.  Life is precious.  It’s a gift, and each and every day it is not promised.

Today is a very sad day. Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith, and William Bleakley are somewhere out at sea.  The odds of them being alive is incredibly slim.  The Coast Guard called off their search today after three days of scouring the Florida waters and coming up empty.  Reportedly, it was an incredibly emotional decision.

Today is the type of day that lends perspective.  At least it should.

When you’re stressing out about a test, or something at work, or even being stuck in traffic, remember that life doesn’t go on forever.  Some days it seems like we’re always venturing on to get to some sort of goal at the end when there may not be enough time to get to where we want to go.  The important thing is to value what you have, and not what you don’t and to enjoy the ride, because none of us know when it could stop.

So often we get angry at these athletes for wanting too much money, or saying something stupid, or getting arrested for something petty.  But then something like this comes around and it just makes you stop and think for a second.  It’s impossible to maintain perspective forever, and no one expects that out of you.  It’s just human nature to take things out of proportion.

But does it really matter how much money Manny just sucked out of the Dodgers, or how many games the Lakers are up on the Suns for first place in the Pacific Division when you hear stories like this?  No.  Take sports for what they are: entertainment.  Let them be enjoyable.  Debate them, watch them, indulge in them, but remember this: athletes may seem like perfect specimens, but in the end these super-human seemingly mythical creatures are no different than the rest of us.

The Juiced Sports family sends it’s thoughts and prayers out to all the families affected by this sad, sad day. No one should ever have to go through something like this.  Athlete or no athlete, life is hard enough already.

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