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MSNBC prank interview with Ryan Miller-imposter exposes the insipid nature of most sports coverage

Watch this interview with a man pretending to be Team USA goalie Ryan Miller, and think whether you can tell that the person interviewed isn’t Ryan Miller or even if it matters whether he’s Ryan Miller:

He made all the traditional space-filling comments that you would expect from an athlete: “We felt that we had a competitive advantage due to our international experience.” “The Canadian game, we were a little more worried about, because they had home ice.”

He did go a little bit past the traditional athlete’s cliches when he called Canada and Russia “overrated” then when he guaranteed a gold medal for the US, but hell, that just made the interview more interesting and informative than a real interview.

My point is that in sports (or many other news topics), there is really no reason to interview people, because they don’t say anything. All the cliches and everything can be just as easily and accurately said by someone who isn’t even on the team.

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