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Kim Yu-Na is under attack on YouTube!

Kim Yu-Na is under attack on YouTube!

Kim Yu-Na, or, more accurately, Yu-Na Kim, is the Korean figure skating sensation who set the record for highest Olympic score in Vancouver. (Watch the video here if you haven’t.)

On April 3, her Facebook fan page sent out an update that I found to be funny in its level of concern:

Dear fellow Yu-Na fans

??A truly disheartening situation is currently occurring on Youtube.

??Many of Yu-Na’s popular videos are being deleted. Some of these erased clips have acquired millions of hits and others have been featured in the media as well. On the other hand, clips that maliciously “defame” Yu-Na are being uploaded on a daily basis.

??The seriousness of this matter lies within the fact that these actions seem to be systematically organized. Identical clips are uploaded by different users on the same day and some reach hundreds of thousands of view hits per day. The massive and simultaneous nature of the distribution suggests that this is not an individual act.

??Furthermore, malicious clips of other skaters are uploaded by users who claim to be Yu-Na’s fans. Interestingly, these clips toward other skaters were created and uploaded in the same pattern with the malicious clips toward Yu-Na. Clearly the intention is to give a false impression that Yu-Na fans are attacking other skaters.

??Often, these malicious clips cannot be distinguished by their titles.
Although unrelated to the clips, names of other skaters are attached as tags to direct general viewers to malicious clips towards Yu-Na.

??This message is not to blame certain people, so please avoid posting emotional and aggressive comments. Responses or comments containing harsh language or profanity will be deleted without notice. (This is not to protect them, but to prevent Yu-Na’s fan page from being swept up into a rampage of blame and slander. Let’s keep her fan page clean!)

??Rather, this is to alert fans not to be deceived by the malicious clips that one may encounter on Youtube. Yu-Na is well-known for her hard work, humility and honesty. Enjoy watching the beautiful performances, off-ice clips and montages of Yu-Na on Youtube and share your comments with fellow Yu-Na fans.

Thank you.

While we’re talking about her, why not include some photos from her recent “fiesta on ice”?

Popularity: 11% [?]

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12 Responses to “Kim Yu-Na is under attack on YouTube!”

  1. Really a great story, thank you.
    I share her style and I skate, I love her, I’m shy too but sometimes we can’t get away from our own make-up if we don’t have a wall between us and them, thanks again, Jon

  2. Serious stuff. Do you really think it’s an organized attack on Kim Yu-Na?

    If it is, who is behind the attack? Chinese hackers? :)

  3. I can’t believe people on YouTube would purposely attack Kim Yu-Na. It’s really such a shame people act like this. Kim Yu-Na is a beautiful and talented ice skater and I wish her continued success.

  4. You’re right Haylei- nobody deserves to be attacked in this way and Kim Yu-Na is clearly an innocent victim in all of this. Although the internet is a fantastic tool, it does also allow for people to be defrauded and humiliated in this way. Freedom of speech can be taken to far, as it has been in this case and the internet fails to monitor this. It only takes a small number of people and a malicious intention to have a hugely detrimental effect on somebody else’s well being. I only hope that Kim realises that these attacks represent the views of a (misguided) minority and should be ignored.

  5. I’m really a huge fan of her – Feel sorry for her i this situation.

  6. Everything you mentioned made a lot of good sense. But, think about this, suppose you added just a little content? I mean, I shouldn’t show you how to run your blog site, but imagine you included a little something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a training video or perhaps a picture or two to obtain people interested in what you have to mention. For me, it would make your blog site come to life a bit more.

  7. Can’t be organised attack. I mean – why would anybody do that?

  8. I hate when something like this happens – Poor girl.

    Yes, the internet is fantastic, but can be used in wrong ways.

  9. The Internet is such a great tool but so many people hide anonymously creating havoc and ruining lives. I can’t believe someone or some group would do such a thing but it wouldn’t surprise me. I just hope Yu-Na can shrug this off.

  10. I’ve said that least 1176510 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  11. Blog content is very good and I will come back to read it as an encouragement to the other

  12. It’s amazing how people can hide anonymously behind the internet and post false and malicious information. It’s a true shame and I hope Kim Yu-Na will not let this bother her. We will never know who is behind it.

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