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Week 11 Picks (Against the Spread)

After a strong showing in week 10, we’re looking to climb closer to that ever elusive .500 mark for week 12. Here goes nothing


Last Week:  8-5 /  Best Bets:  2-1 /  Monday Night:  1-0

Overall:  65-74-4 /  Best Bets:  14-16-1 /  Monday Night:  7-4

Oakland @ Pittsburgh –7

Let’s not get too excited about the Raiders.  Yes they’ve had some nice wins, but this game is in Pittsburgh and the Steelers are still in the running for best team in the league.

Houston +7 @ New York Jets

Jets have survived by the skin of their teeth the last three weeks.  This Texans team may have blown their shot at a playoff spot (again), but they can score a lot of points and keep up with mighty Mark Sanchez.

Baltimore –10 @ Carolina

Welcome to your first start 31 year old Brian St. Pierre. This spread should be 20.

Washington @ Tennessee –7

Redskins have no playmakers.  Titans have three with Johnson, Moss, and Young.  I’ll play those odds at home.

Detroit +7 @ Dallas

Gonna be a lot of points in this one.  Dallas may have more at the end, but not too many more. Getting pumped up for the Giants is one thing, but these Cowboys are somehow arrogant enough to think that they can now relax that they’ve proven they’re not as bad as everybody thought.

Green Bay @ Minnesota +3

Now or never.  Sidney Rice back.  Backs to the wall.  I’ll take the points for the home team.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati –5.5

There will be no such thing as a Bills winning streak this year.

Cleveland +1.5 @ Jacksonville

The Browns just outscored the Saints, Patriots, and Jets 84-57.  This will feel like playing against their little sister.

Arizona @ Kansas City –8

It must be embarrassing for the Cardinals to know they can’t compete in the NFC West.  They can’t, by the way.  KC will rock them at home where they’ve 4-0.

Seattle @ New Orleans –11.5

Seattle has an injured QB and has already met their quota of two road wins this year.  Saints are coming off the bye, get Heisman winner Reggie Bush back, and has turned on the jets this past month.

Atlanta –3 @ St. Louis

Smells fishy.  I know the Falcons are a crap shoot away from home, but this game will be in a dome against a not too intimidating opponent.

Tampa Bay +3.5 @ San Francisco

6-3 vs 3-6 with the better team getting more than a field goal.  I can’t wait to see how this doesn’t work out.

Indianapolis @ New England –4

First home game for the Pats in this series in five games.  They won’t waste it.  4th and 2 on the mind and the Colts still dealing with a ton of injuries.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia –3

These two teams have flip flopped recently.  Now the Giants are the ones who have something to prove and it’s Philly that is the best in the conference.  When Vick is on, they’re simply unstoppable.

Denver +10 @ San Diego

Too many points to give a division rival that just put up 49 last week.

Best Bets:  Baltimore, Baltimore, and Baltimore

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Cards closer Motte sidelined with elbow injury
Cardinals closer Jason Motte will be out for at least a week with a mild strain in his elbow.,

Cards closer Motte sidelined with elbow injury
Cardinals closer Jason Motte will be out for at least a week with a mild strain in his elbow.,

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