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Day 2: And then there was 32 – breaking down the madness

Day 2: And then there was 32 – breaking down the madness

Wrapping up a wild day 2 of the NCAA Tournament and where we stand going into the field of 32


Shockers! I’m sure someone will do the research on this, but I can’t recall another tournament in recent memory boasting 9 double digit seeds surviving the second (**cough cough**) first round:

A breakdown by seed (note: the only seeds unscathed through 2 so called rounds: 14 and 16, though we could technically be obnoxious and state that 14. BYU beat 14. Iona and 16. Western Kentucky beat 16. Mississippi Valley St. and 16. LIU Brooklyn beat… o whatever).

This is going off the second round (seeds that won):

09: 1-3 (St. Louis)
10: 2-2 (Xavier, Purdue)
11: 2-2 (NC State, Colorado)
12: 2-2 VCU, USF)
13: 1-3 (Ohio)
14: 0-4
15: 2-2 (Norfolk State, Lehigh) — It had been over 4000 days since a 15 beat a 12. In hours, 2 did it. First time ever. 5th, and 6th all time.
16: 0-4

Only two of those came from yesterday and in all honesty was VCU beating Wichita State that shocking (see what I did there) or Colorado dethroning UNLV?

Which means that of the 16 games that were played on Friday, 8 were one by the underdog. Eight!

And it could’ve been more: 3. FSU barely squeaked out a win over 14. St. Bonaventure.

This is what’s whacky:

- In the midst of all this upset madness, the East went completely chalk 1-8. Unbelievable considering how many big name teams were falling today.
- Both the South and Midwest regions lost half of their favored seeds in the second round; The West was luckier with just 2 upsets.
- The ACC, Big 12, and Big 10 had 3 clear cut top 3 teams in each conference and each one lost one of those today: 2. Duke, 2. Missouri, 4. Michigan.

So while Saturday is about big-time matchups, Sunday is about big time quirkiness:

Were you expecting either of these matchups when the brackets were unveiled:

Xavier-Lehigh, USF-Ohio (2 of those 4 teams are going to the Sweet 16… Xavier is a top caliber team with Tu Holloway, but c’mon, the other 3…)

Duke and Michigan were bounced on the same night. Missouri takes their Tigers to the SEC after bowing out in the second round. Karma perhaps? After winning the Big 12 tourney title Tigers fans were taunting “SEC, SEC”

Teams left by power conference:

SEC: 3 (Kentucky, Vandy, Florida)
ACC: 3 (UNC, FSU, NC State)
Big10: 5 (Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana, Wisconsin, Purdue)
Big12: 4 (Kansas, Baylor, Iowa State, K-State)
Big East: 6 (Syracuse, Georgetown, Marquette, Louisville, Cincinnati, USF)
Pac12: 1 (Colorado)

Teams left from other conferences:

VCU, Xavier, Lehigh, St. Louis, New Mexico, Murray State, Norfolk State, Creighton, Gonzaga, Ohio)

How about by state:
O-H-I-O, Kentucky and the Sunshine State (basketball state, what?) have the most teams left in the dance. Let’s break it down all the way down:

4 Ohio (Ohio State, Ohio, Xavier, Cincinnati)
3 Florida (FSU, UF, USF)
3 Kentucky (Kentucky, Louisville, Murray State)
2: Virginia (VCU, Norfolk State – talk about housing bracket busters!)
2: Indiana (Indiana, Purdue)
2: Kansas (Kansas, K-State)
2: North Carolina (UNC, NC-State)
2: Wisconsin (Wisconsin, Marquette)

11 states and Washington D.C. make up the rest of the bracket.

All in all, 20 states are left and 1 District of Columbia.

Awesome possible Sweet 16 matchups (assuming this weekend is a little more normal):

Michigan State-Louisville
FSU-Ohio State

And if Creighton shocks the world and knocks out UNC, we’ll have a Sweet 16 matchup of, gasp, this:

Creighton-USF  or this: Creighton-Ohio. Madness!

That’s enough of that! Two qualms:

1) C’mon refs! Enough with the lane violations. It’s not right for you to decide the outcome of a game, nevermind possibly 2.
2) Those scoreboards: unless your HDTV is crystal clear it is hard as heck to read Double Bonus and Bonus underneath each team’s name. Clean it up.

Besides that it’s been one heck of a tournament. More madness surely to come.

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