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Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning? Who would you rather have?


The race for Peyton Manning is well underway, and the most interesting team in the mix has to be the Denver Broncos. Denver was the first team to woo the recently released Colt, and now the sports world is abuzz with the possibility that Manning could sign in Denver, knocking out the oft-scrutinized/praised Tim Tebow from the starting job. Some believe the two could simply co-exist, with Tebow once again taking a backseat to a higher paid veteran QB.

So the question is this: If you were Denver who would you rather have RIGHT NOW? 24 year old Tim Tebow or 35 year old Peyton Manning? Are the Broncos an elite NFL QB away from contending for a Super Bowl? Cue the debate!

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6 Responses to “Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning? Who would you rather have?”


  2. I love Tim Tebow and want him to remain with the Broncos. I love Elway too (who wouldn’t) but he should get out before he reinjures his neck. He and his brother have already been making their mark in football. Let Tebow continue to prove himself.

  3. If these crazy folks bring in Manning, they need and extra hold in their heads. I am 64 years old and have Been a Bronco Fan since 1970. Manning is old, damaged goods and wrong for Denver! If Manning is in, and Tebow is out– me too, along with my family!
    The reason: Because John Elway, a person in whom I trusted to keep his word, saying that Tebow would lead this team, will now be in my eyes a LAIR, that can never be trusted for anything!

  4. Manning has been a great qb but if he was still good enough to get a team to the superbowl the colts would have kept him denver is rebuilding let the qb grow with the team it young an growing toghther. If manning comes in gets hurt it money wasted we could have used on freeagency if manning does go to denver an gets hurt, elway an the rest of those knuckel heads should be fired! They would have wasted money a long shot ,i know manning wheres a horse shoe elway needs to use brains an not “luck “hes going
    To indy let another team take chance we need to go foward not try ressurect an old player carrear

  5. This Manning saga is absolutely ridiculus. Manning was let go by the Colts because they know he will not be the Manning of Old…period. He only wants to go to a team where he will be able to continue to try and catch Favre on the numbers. As for Elway, well what do you expect from someone who struggled and struggled and finally won something…..then out he goes. Elway wasn’t the reason Denver won…..it was the team.

    I hope Manning goes to Denver now then Tebow will get an opportunity to get away from the Denver Management jerks ……maybe in Jacksonville where he could easily compete and take over as the starter.

  6. You are all idiots the only reason why the colts are letting Manning go is because football is about dynastys and making money if they where the 3rd pick in the draft Manning would still be a colt. They see it as a great opportunity to rebuild with what they think will be an excellent quarterback. The broncos will win it all before the colts ever win am Afc championship
    Yours truley the man that understands money

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