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Welcome to the Draft Circus! 8 Big Questions on the eve of the 2012 NFL Draft

Welcome to the Draft Circus! 8 Big Questions on the eve of the 2012 NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is one giant crap shoot, but it’s also quite the circus. So we brought in our NFL Draft ringmaster, Mike Kaye to shed some light on 8 key NFL Draft questions. What did our NFL Draft expert have to say?

Here’s what we discussed:

1. Will Luck live up to the hype? 0:24
2. Luck or RG3? 0:54
3. Most underrated player in the draft? 1:56
4. Most overrated player in the draft? 2:58
5. Tannehill or Weeden? 3:47
6. Small school player poised to make a big time NFL impact? 4:36
7. Low character, high talent guy who can be a star? 5:38
8. Late round steal? 6:50

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