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Week 10, The Picks 2012


Indianapolis -3 @ Jacksonville

The Colts will make it two straight road wins for the visiting team on Thursday Night Football.  Luck is hot and the Jags are punchless.

Buffalo @ New England -11

Two teams finally covered the double digit spread last week.  Time to start taking the favorites in these unless you really think the dog can hunt.  Buffalo can’t.

NY Giants -4 @ Cincinnati

The freefalling Bengals will be happy they don’t have to face any more Mannings after this one.  Peyton came to town last week and covered.  Eli does the same this week.

San Diego @ Tampa Bay -3

The blowout of the Chiefs does nothing for me Mr. Rivers.  Try going to the complete opposite end of the country and keeping up with the hottest offense in football.

Denver @ Carolina +3.5

I’m not buying the Broncos yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t think the Panthers are good at all.  But something tells me they’ll keep it close at home.

Tennessee +6 @ Miami

When I see two mediocre teams matched up, I’ll take the one getting six points every time.

Oakland +8 @ Baltimore

See above.  Substitute “eight” for “six”.  And yes, Baltimore is mediocre at this point.  They’ve only beaten one team with a winning record.

Atlanta @ New Orleans +2.5

The Saints defense showed life Monday night and New Orleans has won six out of the last seven against the Falcons.  Champagne corks will be flying over Miami by late afternoon.

Detroit @ Minnesota

No line because of Percy Harvin’s status.  I like the Lions though.

NY Jets @ Seattle -6.5

The Seahawks just beat the Vikes at home by ten.  The Jets are the Vikes without Adrian Peterson.

Dallas @ Philadelphia +1.5

Last season…Eagles were 2-4 and had Dallas at home.  Annihilated them 34-7.  Just sayin’.

St. Louis @ San Francisco -11

We’ve all realized that the Rams are garbage by this point, right?

Houston +1 @ Chicago

Lovie Smith reaches into his bag of defensive tricks and comes out with an empty hand Sunday night.  The Texans are too complete.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh -12.5

Todd Haley will die trying to have his guys score as many points as possible against his old boss.

Best Bets: New Orleans, Tampa Bay

Last Week: 7-7  /  Overall: 52-71-4  /  Best Bets: 10-8

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