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About Us

About Us

Juiced Sports Blog was established in July 2007 and has been running like a locomotive through the sports blogosphere ever since.

Anchored by the incomparable duo of Scott Jacobs and Mitch Blatt, Juiced Sports is rough around the edges, controversial, and totally juiced with edgy opinions and insight.  Recognized by ESPN’s SportsNation as their Site of the Day for December 18, 2009, Juiced Sports has also been recognized as one of the top 10 sports blogs on the web.

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Editor-in-Chief / Senior Columnist:
Scott Jacobs

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A diehard sports fan, Jacobs has been operating Juiced Sports since July 2007, and always writes with passion and purpose.  Forever a sports stat nut, he has been reading and researching sports ever since he can remember.  Jacobs has written for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Rise Magazine, The FSView and Florida Flambeau, and many more.  He has interviewed numerous pro and college athletes, from every day people all the way to the likes of Dwayne Wade, Gary Payton, Bill Laimbeer, and Shaquille O’Neal.  Jacobs has been on the field, in the press box, in the video truck, and in the stands, and approaches the world of sports with a number of different vantage points. The best interviews are conversations, and the best conversations often come from those least interviewed.

Senior Columnist:
Mitchell Blatt

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The consummate professional, Mitchell Blatt has been lauded as ‘amazing, legendary, and “the biggest thing to hit journalism since Jim Everett took that shot at Jim Rome.’  As a sportswriter and music critic, he has interviewed Desmond Clark, Donyell Marshall, and Mike Utley amongst others.

NFL Writer / Draft Expert
Mike Kaye

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Kaye has written for Bleeding Green Nation, Boca Raton News, and is currently the Associate Producer and Assignment Editor at WPTV-TV.  At UNF, Kaye was a Producer and Reporter for North Florida Weekly’s Sports segment. He aspires to follow in the footsteps of former UNF graduate and current Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Todd Haley, as pro scout or work for NFL Films. Mike has covered the NFL Draft for four years for various sites and publications and is a student of the game as well as a failed athlete.

Special Contributor
Jim Rubera

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A frequent contributor to the site, Jim has no writing background, but he did write like three movie reviews for the Boston College student paper when he was there 10 years ago. He’s an avid sports fan with an opinion just like everybody else.  As far as his personal life goes, Rubera is a stockbroker, married, with twin 3 year old boys (Jack & Jesse).  They occupy most of his time and energy.  He plays rec league basketball and likes running, time permitting.  When something in the news sparks an opinion in him, he writes about it.  Check out his sports/pop culture blog,  The Spop.

General Columnist:
Shane Smith

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Shane is a New England college student who is passionate about all Boston professional sports and is a die-hard UConn Huskies fan. He is also a huge Tennessee Titans fan: Steve McNair and Eddie George’s heartbreaking Super Bowl run is the reason he fell in love with sports in the first place. Shane is majoring in History and hopes that his love of sports and writing will lead him to a career in the sports industry.

General Columnist:
Megan Brown

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Megan is the female voice of Juiced Sports‘ loaded roster, but don’t let the pretty face fool you. A diehard Brewers fan and frequent trash talker (especially when it comes to NCAA basketball), Megan spends her professional life social media networking for Slingshot SEO. A proud graduate of Indiana University, this Hoosier covers all sports topics, specializing in MLB, NCAA basketball, and the NBA. When not yelling at referees, you can find her on a bike, at a techno concert, or blogging. Follow her on Twitter or check out her Brewers blog, Fresh Brewed for more sports and sarcasm.

General Columnist:
Chris Knepley

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Chris is a 2006 graduate of The Defiance College with a degree in Sports Management and a minor in Communication. He currently works in sales and has has loved sports all his life. He has been a contributor to SBNation’s “Red Reporter” blog for the past two seasons and wishes to expand his writing to subjects other than just the Cincinnati Reds. Chris has a passion for MLB, the NFL, College Football, College Basketball and has a strange obsession with the NFL draft that some would consider “unhealthy.”

Special Contributor
Brad Clark

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Brad Clark is a a former college football player and a contributor to the site.  He is also the founder and President of NFL’s Future.  Futures was established in January 2011 and has since been through two face lifts. NFL’s Future is a member of the Big Lead Sports network and is dedicated to bringing fans the NFL Draft from a different perspective.

General Columnist
Josh Maser

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Maser is the current Executive Producer for UNF TV at the University of North Florida, writing and producing shows such as North Florida Weekly and UNF Morning. He is a die-hard sports fan that is still exploring his abilities as a writer. Maser aspires to work in sports broadcasting and sees covering sports more as a lifestyle than a job.  When he sees an issue that is worth talking about, or when the public needs its opinion straightened out, he makes sure to write about it.

Special Contributor
Jordan Wagner

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Wagner currently attends Florida State University and is hoping to go on into graduate school. He loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball and Football. His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Orlando Magic, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and of course, the Florida State Seminoles.  Jordan is also passionate about creative writing and story telling.


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