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A comparison of and headlines

All the same things, but ESPN uses more exciting verbiage. MITCH BLATT While browsing ESPN and this morning, I noticed ESPN and SI had the same topics for almost all their headlines but ESPN’s headlines were framed in a much more exciting manner. For example, how do the two sites headline a story about […]

Welcome to the dance Cornell (You’re the first ones in)

 … But don’t expect to be one of the last ones standing SCOTT JACOBS Cornell rolled to an Ivy League championship last year. This year wasn’t nearly as easy.  To claim their fourth NCAA Tournament berth the Big Red just needed a loss from second place Princeton, which fell earlier in the day to Columbia.  […]

Location, location, location always goes to the highest seeds in the NCAA Tournament

SI Bracketeer Andy Glockner sets the record straight on why each team goes where, and why the name of the region has nothing whatsoever to do with locations picked for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament SCOTT JACOBS Yesterday, I asked the question: where does the NCAA Tournament committe come up with […]

HGH, HIV, Knight, WWF, Superman, Braveheart

COLIN LINNEWEBER • Genuine thanks to you all for giving me some of your time. I hope I am able to entertain you with my rapid take on the week that was in the world of sports. • Tarnished baseball legend Roger Clemens and controversial trainer Brian McNamee met with congressional investigators this past week […]

Rick Reilly Leaves SI For ESPN

Mitchell Blatt Media’s Reaction? “Totally Fabricated Piece of Crap From The Big”As Rick Reilly became more and more self-promoting and his columns began to lose their luster, it was bound to happen. ESPN has announced today that they signed him away from Sports Illustrated. The move is not official until June of 2008. The […]