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Dan Snyder is an ass&%$#! (And even the Taiwanese know it…)

I’m in China at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing news reports about how much of an asshole Dan Synder is. Actually, this is out of Taiwan from the always hilarious NMA News, “Dan Snyder is an ass&%$#.” That’s hun dan in Chinese. This stems from the fact that Snyder is suing […]

Coyotes ownership situation bad, or worse?

  I really do not like the way the Phoneix Coyotes are being run. I feel sorry for Wanye Gretzky, he just can’t catch a break. Does anybody remember Mike Milbury saying on TSN last season, that he should quit before things get bad for him. Well I think it is too late for that. […]

Elgin Baylor is suing the Clippers (These are serious allegations too)

One of the worst general managers in the history of pro sports is suing the team that he GM’d for 22 years, because of race and age discrimation, as well as the fact that he claims he was way underpaid SCOTT JACOBS You ever look at a real story, and scroll down to the bottom […]