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A Juiced Sports Freaking Christmas Article

From all of us here at Juiced Sports Blog, we’d like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season
So you had the Dolphins winning 10 games this year right?  Ya, me too!
Well, we’re six bowls games in, and JSB is just 3-3, losing all three contests by a combined 9 points!  Boise [...]

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Tampa Bay all the way… to the World Series

Relive the final two and a half innings from a sports blogger’s point of view from an epic game seven
Okay, so they’re not going to Disneyworld. Well, not yet at least, but Tampa Bay is going to the World Series after holding off the pesky World Champion Red Sox in a thrilling [...]

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JSB Exclusive: Our interview with the brand new EagleBank Bowl

An interview with Marie Rudolph, one of the two founding fathers of the brand new EagleBank Bowl
After it was announced that Washington, D.C. and Tampa Bay would be awarded two new bowl games for the 2008 college football season, the good folks at Juiced Sports got curious, and began snooping around. We [...]

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There’s sunshine once again at UCLA

The Bruins are back in business after a wild, seesaw affair against the 18th ranked Vols
It was the quintessential start to a hire questioned from sea to shining sea.
Was Rick Neuheisel the right man to turn around the Bruins people asked? No one doubted his credentials, the man wins games wherever he goes. [...]

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2008 NFL slogans for the AFC

It’s that time of the year again. You know the time. You’re sitting there on your couch popping back a cold one, putting together your fantasy football team together bundled up in your $99 team blanket you overpaid for on the Shopping Network. You’ve got your bag of chips by your side, and [...]

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Hollywood Horrors

The Boston Celtics pull of the greatest NBA Finals comeback on the road in an absolute shocker and are now 1 win from an NBA Championship
Paul Pierce was speechless for a minute as he tried to catch his breath.
The sports world was left speechless with him, as the Celtics completed a remarkable comeback, none [...]

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It must be the luck of the Irish

Wake up, Celtics fans who’ve been in a coma for a year, your team is going to the NBA Finals!
“The buzzer couldn’t come any sooner,” said an elated Paul Pierce. “We finally made it.”
“We’re in the Finals!” he screamed, smiling like a 10 year old.
Go ahead Paul. Scream and holler all [...]

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What can a 1.7% chance do for you?

How about land you the top pick in the NBA Draft when you have no right in the world to get it
You feeling lucky punk?
Yeah you Chicago. You just pulled off the heist of the post-season when you stole the number one pick in the NBA’s annual Rip-off-teams-palooza (aka: the NBA Draft lottery). [...]

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