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The sad tale of the Suns: once a shining star, now buried in irrelevance

Sports run in cycles. For most franchises, tasting victory consistently is a hard fought process, that takes years of great drafting, deft trades, and savvy personnel at the top. It takes luck, skill, vision, facilities, and an owner committed to some kind of winning.
You don’t just luck into a championship. Titles don’t fall from [...]

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Carmelo trade just another reminder how NBA is morphing into MLB

Get your stars, hot fresh, right out of the oven.  The NBA is letting their stars dictate their landing spots, and with super-teams the in thing, trades like the Carmelo one are just going to become even more rampant. Unless, something is done to stop it.
Vince Carter may or may not have started this [...]

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Sure Cleveland, you love Shaq now…

… but after the games are played, and the war of words are exchanged, will Cleveland’s latest saving grace be all that he’s getting hyped up to be: mainly the final piece for the Cavs to win a championship, not some washed up big name star holding on desperately to remain relevent and in the [...]

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Shaq’s got something left in the tank afterall

The Big Cactus refuses to end his career as just another guy who played too long; Instead, Superman’s got his cape back
Don’t tell Shaquille O’Neal he’s done.
He isn’t.
After a pair of 30 plus point games, and two resoundig wins over Toronto, and more importantly his former team, the Lakers, Shaq not only looks fresh, [...]

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